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Pratah Smaran…(shardul vikridit chhand)..

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…Shri govardhan nath paad yugalam, haiym gavinpriyam…
nityam shri mathuradhipam sukhakaram,
shri vithhalesham muda…

 ….shrimad dwarvatish-gokulpati, shrigokulendu vibhum
manmanth mohanm natvaram, shri balkrushnm bhaje.!1!

….shrimad vallbh vithhalou giridharam,govindrayabhidham
shrimadwalak krushn-gokulpati, natham raghuanam.

….tatha evam shri yadunayakam, kil ghanshyamam cha
tandrashjan kalindim swagurum girim
swiyam prabhushch smaret…..!2!

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9 Responses to Pratah Smaran…(shardul vikridit chhand)..

  1. Anonymous says:

    Chetana , it is excellent, you deserve the congratulations. we have visited all the pages our comments are: photographs are not clear, you should start with yamunashtak….. keep it up we r with u. again congratulation for your hard work to prepare this valuable site for vaishnav. i am sending your this web add. to many friends. Bharatbhai-Rekhabhabhi-Bansari- Prath.

  2. ReadGujarati says:

    dear didi,

    i played all bhajans today morning and enjoyed very much. khub maja aavi.

    my best wishes to sur sargam.

    thank you very much. wish you all the best.

    from :
    mrugesh shah

  3. Charu patel says:

    I need translation of above “Pratah Smaran” in English, Hindi or Gujarati….thank you

  4. Baiju Soni says:

    Jai Shri Krishna

    Hi, thanks for publishing the details.
    I am looking the videos for “how to sing in (SHARDUL VIKRIDIT, PRITHAVI, AARYA, ANUSHTUP, TOTAK, INDRA VAJRA > Chhand) because while doing daily prarthana i am reading straight with all faith. But for my personal interest i would like to sing Yamunashtak, Navratnam, as per respective CHHAND.

    If you have some videos / audios then kindly share it with me.

    Jai Shri Krishna,. Baiju

  5. શ્લોક ગમ્યો.આભાર !

  6. kalpesh patel says:

    very nice stotram. Each charan of this chhand contains 19 words. kalpesh patel

  7. Dilipsinh Jhala says:

    Very pleasant !
    Can I know the name of Raga / Chhand ?

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