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Shri Mahaprabhuji’s Praagaty…

..Shri Mahaprabhuji was born on the 11th day of Chaitra Vad Vikaram samvant 1535 in Chmparany. His father’s name was Shri Lakshman bhattji & mother’s name was Illammgarooji.
Lakshman bhatt was known as ” styavatar” by all because he always spoke the truth. His wife Illammajiwas the daughter of the royal priest in the court of the king of Vijaynagar in south India.
Shri Yajnarayan Bhatt was forefather of Shri Lakshman bhatt.Shri Vishnumuni was shri yajnarayan Bhatt’s guru.one he went to Bhattji’s house. he spoke to bhattji : only study of the Vedas will not make you attain God.’
Heeding shri Vishnu muni’s advise Bhattji started ferforming a Vishnu~swarup Somyajna. He did this somyajna with intense devotion. it was time of offer the sacrificial fruit ( Shreefal) at the end ofthe Yanjna( yagna-yagya). Bhattji concentrated on their family God Shri Gopal, as He offered the shreefal in the fire. Instuntly there Murli manohar Shri Krishna, appeared fromthe yajna- fire, dressed in a Pitambar-yellow dhoti with this divine Darshan bhattji stood in reverence and awe.
God said , Bhattji,I am very pleased with your bhakti.ask for any thing you want.
‘Oh Lord..! having attained You, I have nothing to desire. I do not want any thing.., but You..!’

” Bhattji, your selfless devotion has impressed me even more.It is my solemn vow that when 100 Somyajnas have been completed in your lineage , then I my self will take birth as your descendant,to safe-guard dharma.”
In His entire life,Bhattji managed to complete 32 Somyajnas.His progeny Gangadharji completed 28 Somyajnas during his life-span. His son Ganpati Bhatt succeeded in completing 30 Somyajnas. His son Vallabh Bhatt completed 5 Somyajnas and His son Lakshman Bhatt able to complete 5 Somyajnas, which also meant that the 100 Somyajnas in the lineage were complete.

Lakshaman Bhaat was able to complete 5 Som yanjnas(yagya) ,which also meant that the 100 som yanjnas in the lineage were complete.
Later, to make the completation of the 100 Somyajnas Lakshman Bhatt fed the Brahmins of Kashi. Soon Illamaji was pregnant.Now Lakshman Bhatt had an inner conviction that God will definitely be born.
About six months elapsed in Kashi-(Banaras). Bhattji was happy.but one day bad tidings ended it all. The muslim emperorin Dlehihad deployed his troops to plunder Kashi. The people of Kashifled to save their lives. LakshmanBhatt too,took his wife and headed for the native land.
Illamaji was pregnant and ill. During the journey they both had same dream one night. God gave them Darshan as Blakrishna. God even said, ‘very soon I will be born as your son.when i appear as your son make me wear this ‘ Tulsimala ‘. God geve them Tulsimala.
their journey brought them to a dense forest Chmparanya,in Madhya Pradesh.It was dusk when they arrived. It was wild and devoid of any co-habitation there. Illamaji’s contractions started. left with no choice,theyhad to break journey there. Night descended on the thick forest.there in the black night,Illamji delivered a child under a tree.It was a 7 month premature baby. But the baby was lifeless at birth.In that dark night, she tore off a piece of her saree and wrapped the baby in it.then she put it in a cave like hollow of a tree and covered it with leaves.
They both were saddened. they walked on. wearily after a some miles they reached a small town. they spent the night there. once again God appeared in their dream at night. He said, Go back to where the baby was born. you will find me there as your son. take me with you.
…..The couple were again joyous. every ordeal was put behind them.dawn saw them retracing their steps to Champaranya. Illamaji searched desperately in every tree for a cave like hollow.suddenly they both were awe struck. they saw a pit of fire measuring about 8-10 hands in langht. the fire burn brightly as the tonguse of the flames leapt in the air. this confounded them,but thayran towards it. they saw soft sand from the river bed spread in the center of the fire pit. in this soft send they saw a new born baby,divinely beautiful, lying on an orange cloth! The baby was holding His right toe with His hands and sucking it. He was chuckling and gurgling with delight. He was dark wheat coloured with thik curly locks covering His head. His eyes were large and sparkling even as foreheadwas high,with a ” Kasturi Tilak ”
Illamaji said, ” this is my baby because just seeing it my breasts are oozing milk”
” Devi, the fire is protaecting the infant. if infant is your’s then the fire will surely pave the way for you. go fearlessly. ” said Lakshman Bhatt.
Illamaji prayed as she walked ahead. The fire disappeared.She picked up the baby and cradled it tightly to her chest. then she placed Him in Bhattji’s arms. As He looked at their son. Bhattji said, ”Devi, God is truly born. God unlike other infants,dose not take birth from a mothere’s womb.He takes birth Him self, as we have our- selves been through the experiance.”
There the sky was filled with demi-gods in their chariots, descending from their abodes, all singing and hailing the Lord’s birth. As thay sent down a shower of flowers,thay glorified God. this brought the ascetics,who were in maditation in the forest, running to the scene. They started reciting and chantingVedic mantras.The entire divine and suparnatural Vrajdham gathered at Champaran; a grand ” Nand mahotsav ” ( Lord’s birth celebration ) was celebrated with glorious splendour.Every one took turns to rock the new born infant….!!!!
* * *
* .. Bolo Shri Vallabhadhish ki Jay…!..*
* * *
*..आप सब को श्री महाप्रभुजी के प्रागट्य की बधाई..!!..*
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