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Jay Shri Yamunaji…

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..આજે જેઠ સુદ અગિયારસ – કમલા એકાદશી..!

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12 Responses to Jay Shri Yamunaji…

  1. nilam doshi says:

    enjoyed..nice.congrats.keep it up.

    nilam doshi

  2. bimal says:

    congrats keep it up….

  3. Beylade says:

    That good work

  4. ધોલ અને ભજન બહુ સરસ અને ભક્તિભાવિત. ખુબ ખુબ આભાર.

  5. આમુલય્.ભજન તેમજ કિર્તન ખુબજ સુન્દર .આભાર.

  6. ભજન તેમજ કિર્તન સુન્દર્.આભાર્

  7. mahesh paleja says:

    we are your new webfriends.we enjoyed listening to the bhajans
    keep up the good work.

  8. Raja Paleja says:

    Chetana bahen

    you have made all snior citizen very happy. every time they listen they will be thinking about you snd bless you.
    keep up the good work

  9. pravinshah. says:

    શ્રિ યમુનાજિ નુ પદ સરસ .

  10. falguni sheth says:

    dear chetanaben

    bhajan ane kirtan khub saras che

  11. Hemendra Shah says:

    Thanks to give like this online.

  12. Rakesh Joshi says:

    જેઠ સૂદ એકાદશી મારો જન્મ દિન છે …

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