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Jay Khodiyaar Ma…


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4 Responses to Jay Khodiyaar Ma…

  1. Neeta says:

    કળજુગ વરતાવે કેવો કાળો કેર,
    ઉપર મીઠાઈ અને નીચે છે જેર.

    મે પહેલી વાર સાંભળી આ આરતી.
    thanksssssss ચેતનાં બેન.

  2. Sevgi says:

    I don’t know your language,Please put on your blog a translater.dear friend:)
    All my best

  3. dashu patel says:

    are bhai khare khar kamal chhe a web site verry fine


  4. Saroj says:

    Really this is very nice Aarti.
    I have heard 1st Time.
    I like very much
    if possible them please send on my
    ID in MP3 Format.

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bottom musical line

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