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Jay Hind…

..*.. Happy Independence Day ..*..

Note : Rrefresh the page to view this slide show from beginning with first song.

આજ નાં શુભ દિવસે દરેક હિંદુસ્તાની નાં કંઠે થી આ જ બધા સૂરો રેલાઈ રહ્યાં હશે..!

જહાં ડાલ ડાલ પર…

હૈ પ્રીત જહાં કી રીત સદા…

મેરે દેશકી ધરતી…

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9 Responses to Jay Hind…

  1. Luv says:

    This time I cannt get the tool bar on your latest slide show for playing song, may be its problem of my pc, but the pictures are very nice.

    You had portal the INDIA very beautifully as it is. On this Independence Day we salute the INDIA & our Freedom Fighters.

    Also Thanks on behalf of INDIAN People for sparing your precious time for country as its a one kind of service for nation.

    Vande Mataram

  2. Neela Kadakia says:

    Jai Hind
    I like this deshbhakti song

  3. Neela Kadakia says:

    Both songs are very proper on this occation.

  4. kalpesh khodifad says:

    amazing collection dear

    keep it up

    i hv never seen dis type blog ever before

    keep writing…

    best way

  5. Niraj says:

    very good songs and very good presentation as well… good info about vande matram…

  6. ATUL RAO says:

    keep it up

  7. Mother and Motherland are part of the Life.
    Stay connected.
    Keep up the good work.

    Trivedi Parivar


  8. Mahesh says:

    Dear Chetanben

    Happy Independance Day !!!!

    Thanks for lovely Songs


  9. neetakotecha says:

    khub saras maru priya geet

    હૈ પ્રીત જહાં કી રીત સદા…
    thankss chetna ben

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