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Happy Janmashtami…

* जन्माष्टमी के महाऊत्सवो की खुब खुब बघाई *
..Jan-mash-tami Utsav, is very important day in Pushti Marg. The reason it is important, is very simple. It is the Praghtya (appearance) of Bhagwan Shri Krishna on the always pious land of Bharat Bhumi (India), Braj Bhumi – Gokul in particular.
Not only for Pusti Marghiya Vaishnava’s, but for all Vedic Religious believers. They all celebrate this day. Shri Krishna is Purna Purshotam Bhagwan and every Vaishanav must celebrate this day with all his love and devotion.

In order to bless his beloved Bhakts (devotees) Purna Purshotam Bhagwan Shri Krishna took Pra-gha-tiya in the house of Shri Nandrai-ji in Shri Madh Gokul.
Nand-Maha-Ustav – Jan-mash-tami’s A-nand Maha-ustav. Maha-pra-bhu-ji Shri Vallabh celebrated Jan-mash-tami’s A-nand Maha-ustav.

First time in Kashi in the house of Seth Shri Purshotam-ji where all Devi-jeevas enjoyed the shak-shat (physically) Darshan of Shri Krishna. On Jan-mash-tami’s a-nand Maha-ustav day Shri Nandai-ji, Shri Yashoda-ji, appeared and gave their Dar-shan and enjoyed the Nand-Maha-Ustav. At the time of going back they asked Acha-riya-charan Shri Vallabh to ask Var-daan (boon), Shri Vallabh said “from now onward you should not appear in person, during Nand-Maha-Ustav day. On the Nand-Maha-Ustav day, the one who is dressed as Shri Nand and Shri Yashodha-ji, you can enter in them as Aa-vesh (influenced form)”. Even today Shri Vallabh-kul Balaks dress themselves as Shri Nandji and Shri Yashoda-ji on this very auspicious day.

..जय श्री क्रिष्नl ..


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3 Responses to Happy Janmashtami…

  1. MM says:

    Belated greetings to u!

  2. Partab Raj says:

    hey chetuuu hare krishna howz uuuu first of all wish ua very happy janamashtmi u know w8 u have lighten my janamashtmi by adding the bhajan which is nand gher anad bhayo uknow w8 ma mom and ma nephew and me have dance alot on dis bhajan thank u very much can u tell me from where can i get da download of dis bhajan and another was hum behno k liye mere bhaya dat 2 are awesome i really like it allot and ur web is awesome dat darshan criteria and u know w8 ur sound clips never get da stop its keep on playing dat system is really cool gr8 keep it up aight by ve a gud day j sia ram

  3. neeta says:

    jai shree krishna chetne

    bahu j sunder
    khub gamiu
    have malta rahesu.

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