અનોખુંબંધન પર આ લેખ મોકલવા બદલ મિત્ર શ્રીવિકાસભાઇ ચાવડા ( Coming Back To Life ) નો ખૂબ ખૂબ આભાર
..ANOKHU BANDHAN…AN ETERNAL BOND!!!Anokhu Bandhan an eternal bond is special bond we share with each other.

In our lives we share special bond with special persons. Father & Daughter , Mother & Son , Grand Parents & Grand Children’s , Brother & Sister , Friends , Husband & Wife , Lovers , and last but not least the special bond which we are born with and which has no connection with birth & death and is the bond with almighty god

(Shri Thakorji) .
Every bond has its own limits & tender sweetness in itself.

Father & Daughter: Father & Daughter is the most sweet and lovely bond in this world. Father take cares of her every need & gives her the best of this world and also brings her up with golden spoon. When daughter reaches the age of marriage , father is the most happiest person in this world to find the best and perfect life partner for his daughter and at the same time he is the most sad person as his heart throb is going to leave his house and start her new world with his life partner. He will be the person who will miss her the most.
Daughter is called as “Sea Of Love” (Wahal No Dariyo ). She is the best friend of her father and she understands her father the most. When she gets married and leaves her born home ,she takes precious possession with her , i.e., golden memories that she share with her dad since her childhood. With this possession she spends rest of her life happily with her partner and keeps her dads reputation intact.
Mother & Son: Mother is the word on which world stands. The day mother gives birth to her son, she starts dreaming of her daughter in-law, her grand children and dreams goes on… from the first day. She is the one who sow the culture and manners in her son, which helps her son to achieve his goals, name and fame in this world. Her unconditional love and true heart blessings gives strength to fight against all odds and stand tall in his life. She is the first person to be happy on achievements of her son. She is the flow of strength , power and path guider to her son.

I would like to say, our presences in this world is because of mother. First person who feed us is mother. She is the one who gives her precious possession without any condition and brings us .
Grand Parents & Grand Children’s: This bond is very eternal and most beautiful bond. Grand Parents are the happiest person in this world when their grand child is born. They see new hope of life in them and feel that support of their old age has arrived. They see their childhood in their grand children’s and behave like child to make them happy.
Grand Parents are the pillars of the family and they sow the tradition and culture of their family to the future of family the one who is going to carry on family values and tradition after their farewell from this world.
Grand Parents & Grand Children’s are the best friends to each other.
Brother & Sister: This bond has very thin line. This relation is so pure and divine that no other relation is. Brother & Sister of same age share lots of things with pure divine thin line between them. They together grew up with lots of dreams and share lots of secretes.
Every sister in this world prays for her brother success and happiness and every brother tries to bring the best and all the happiness of this world for her.
(Phoolo Ka Taro Ka, Sab Ka kehna Hai , Ek Hazzarao Mein Meri Behna Hai )

Lovers : This relation is something on which many books are written. True Divine love resembles to god.
Love is like ghost who everyone talks about and very few have seen it.
When someone waits for hours to meet his/her love just for few minutes, gets annoyed for being late and cuddles in to arms of his/her love.
Love cannot be seen, but it can be felt with true heart. Love needs no words to express, eyes express everything without saying a word.
Husband & Wife: Husband and Wife are known as better half to each other. They together share every happiness and sorrow of their life. They together dream and gather every bit of it for their bright future.
This bond stands on pillar of trust m love, care, forgiveness, dreams and promise to be together in all storms of life with belief in each other. This bond is alive even after your farewell from this world.
Friends: True friendship stands tall in every difficulty of friend’s life and blushesin every happiness of friends life. This relation has deep roots with trust on which this bond stands tall. This bond has no boundaries and provides vast space.
Almighty God : Last but not the least this is the first and foremost bond which any human shares. This bond is above death and material life and it has direct contact with almighty god.
In every human life their last destination is to get to almighty.



તારું ને મારુંઅનોખુંબંધન, આ બંધન છે જીવનભરનું…
માં અને બાપનું અનોખુંબંધન,આ બંધન છે વાત્સલ્યનું…
દાદા અને દાદીનું અનોખુંબંધન,આ બંધન છે મિત્રતા અને આશાનું…
પતિ અને પત્નીનું અનોખુંબંધન,આ બંધન છે પ્રેમ વિશ્વાસ અને જન્મોજન્મનાં સાથ નું…
ભાઇ અને બહેનનું અનોખુંબંધન , આ બંધન છે મીઠ્ઠી યાદોનું…
મિત્રોનું અનોખુંબંધન, આ બંધન છે સાથનું…
પ્રેમીઓનું અનોખુંબંધન, આ બંધન છે પ્રેમ વિશ્વાસ, વિરહ મિલનનું…
પ્રભુ અને માનવનું અનોખુંબંધન, આ બંધન છે પ્રભુની પ્રીત અને પ્રભુને ભજવાનું…

Yours eternal bond and mine
This bond is of life time,
Eternal bond of mom and dad
This bond is of affection,
Eternal bond of grand parents and grandchildren
This bond is of friendship and hope,
Eternal bond of husband and wife
This bond is of love, trust and promise to be together for life time,
Eternal bond of brother and sister
This bond is of sweet memories,
Eternal bond of friends
This bond is of support,
Eternal bond of lovers
This bond is of love, annoy , wait, meet, lust and ready to do anything,
Eternal bond of god and human
This bond is of worship and belief in god,
Yours eternal bond and mine.

I dedicate this article and poem to the new blog of chetana ben called “Anokhu Bandhan” with whom I share Anokhu Bandhan…

An Eternal Bond of brother and sister.

Jai Shri Krishna.

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8 Responses to ઉપહાર…

  1. Chirag Patel says:

    Excellent essay! The poem also reflects the essence of this essay in a nutshell. Nice work Vikasbhai, and thanks Chetnaben.

  2. Neeta says:

    True friendship stands tall in every difficulty of friend’s life and blushesin every happiness of friends life. This relation has deep roots with trust on which this bond stands tall. This bond has no boundaries and provides vast space.

    khub saras….

  3. Life says:

    Thanks chetana ben and pleasure is all mine…its feels special when someone gives u special place in their life…


  4. ડો.મહેશ રાવલ says:

    બહુ ગમ્યું હો ચેતુ !
    બધાજ બંધનથી અલગ અને અનેરૂં છે
    આપણું,આપણી સાથેનું બંધન !
    એટલે”અનોખું બંધન “

  5. harsh says:

    ખુબજ સરસ તમારા દ્વારા સમજાવામ આવેલ જુદા જુદા બંધનોનુ મહત્વ ખુબજ સરસ છે

  6. હું.. દિગીશા શેઠ પારેખ, says:

    ketala badha bandhano che anhi…!aganit…saras lekh ane samjuti..chetu didi tame sachej ek vadil,dost,saga sabandhi tarike ni faraj bajavata hov em laage che..anhi duniya evi saras banavi che tame..bahu maja ave che..alukik..che…thnks
    aamaj amari sathe rejo..

  7. Julie, shital, sejal. says:

    badha bandhano tame nibhavi jano cho Amne garv che ke tame Amari didi cho…!!!

  8. jayeshupadhyaya says:

    એમાં બંધનોની શિથીલતા કે શીતળતા ના પ્રવેશે
    સબંધોનું સદૈવ સળગતું તાપણું હોવું જોઈએ

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